• Strict supervision
  • Abundant liquidity
  • Multiple modes
  • Diversified products
  • Professional Service
  • Investor Education
  • Separation of funds
  • Efficient Platform
Trading platform

World-class trading platform; make your transactions more rapid, stable, efficient and transparent.
Applicable to a variety of desktop and mobile operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android.

Financial products

Unitrader Global Limited benefits from the high-end execution services offered by many top liquidity providers around the world to provide customized trading solutions for customers to match their diverse business needs.With the ultra-low latency of multiple platforms and flexible multi-choice connections including FIX API, Unitrader Global Limited will work with its customers to seek the future for its business development.

  • Report management

    Intelligently customize the transaction activity report, which facilitates customers to view all transactions and account details in time, so as to

  • Service Support

    Real-time tracking of customer service requirements, timely resolution of customer feedback, assistance in customer transactions, 5.5*24 hours long

  • Transaction Services

    Unitrader Global Limited has been working closely with the world's top banks and non-bank liquidity providers to continuously provide customers with deep liquidity, while supporting FIX API connections to bring customers the best offer with the best implementation of low latency.

  • Account Services

    Customers not only have abundant selectivity in account types, but also can easily set up transaction accounts, including account information, basic

  • News information

    Service announcement, transaction time, major events, Unitrader Global Limited latest information at a glance, customers can make timely adjustments

  • Daily review

    Regularly carry out the latest foreign exchange trend analysis, written by a professional exchange rate analyst with several years of practical

About Us

Unitrader Global Limited Markets Group, which includes Unitrader Global Limited Technology, is a global online foreign exchange and differential broker registered and supervised in many countries. Unitrader Global Limited Group provides high-speed and stable trading platforms and low-point price quotations for over 100,000 retail and institutional customers in more than 70 countries. Transaction products include foreign exchange and other connection services. 。 Unitrader Global Limited Markets trading solution integrates excellent point difference, continuous streaming media liquidity and instant transaction execution capabilities. When you trade with us, we will connect you to our many well-known global investment banks and brokers, and directly obtain institutional pricing and liquidity for more than 50 kinds of currencies, commodities, indices, etc. Unitrader Global Limited Markets technology bridges the gap between trading and technology, enabling you to take advantage of our institutional relationships, simplify infrastructure, and maximize transaction efficiency.