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Setting up PC-side MT4

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Mobile terminal MT4 download

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The MT4 software on the PC side will no longer support the version below 1170. Please update to the latest version in time.

MT4 operating instructions (computer version)

MT4 platform advantage


Support EA automated trading

Unitrader Global Limited does not limit any form of EA program (Intelligent Trading), but EA programs require you to develop, purchase and test.


Powerful chart analysis

You can analyze price trends and make your decisions through different timeframes. You can add dozens of metrics and support the addition of custom metrics to make chart analysis more powerful.



DupliTradeIs aMT4A compatible platform that allows traders to directly copy the actions of a professional trader to your trading account in Unitrader Global Limited. DupliTrade enhances your trading standards with a rich portfolio of trading strategies selected by traders with successful historical trading records.


Trading straregy

Unitrader Global Limited offers you a state-of-the-art automated technical analysis tool, Trading Central. Provide real-time updates, dynamic, and actionable trading advice support to professional investors.